May 15th - May 17th, 2013

Atlantis Super Elite Dental Laboratory 2013
Sponsored by:  Dentsply Implants

Georgia Dental is one of less than a dozen labs in the country who were invited to attend The Super Elite Dental Laboratory 2013 Annual Meeting.  This three day think tank, held in Boston, includes updates on new products and services as well as invoking discussions and feedback regarding how to better support business.  Additionally, there will be an exclusive Dentsply Implants facility tour.  Gary Killgo, CDT and David Stanow, CDT have attended this function for the past three years, contributing to the direction of our industry for the future.  Our lab benefits from the knowledge and synergy of this powerhouse group, always returning with information to keep us on the leading edge of the technical and business aspects of dental commerce.

September 27, 2012 - April 19, 2013

Synergy Training Group
Dental Implant Mini-Residency Graduate Training Program
Sponsored by:  Biomet 3i and Dr. Paul Korb

This four part course covers clinical techniques and strategies to promote implant growth in 'new to restoring' implant practices utilizing less impressioning.  Clinical participants develop a strategy to utilize new technologies for more predictable patient outcomes, comprehensively treatment plan cases and gain increased knowledge of provisional restoration design and fabrication.  The course offers innovative treatment planning options to an edentulous or terminally detate patient, employing technological advances to accelerate patient rehabilitation.

Georgia Dental is a lab participant offering clinical course participants feedback from a lab/technical perspective, allowing the development and growth of a dynamic relationship from patient to clinician to lab, and back.  Gary Killgo, CDT and David Stanow, CDT are long time partners in this Mini-Residency program with Dr. Paul Korb and Biomet 3i. 

March 22-24, 2013

Staying in the Game
Sponsored by:  The Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories

For 53 years, the SCDL has been the premier source for information, continuing education, and networking to help lab owners and dental technicians refocus and be poised for success. The 2013 meeting continues this tradition of excellence though changes of its own. The increased use of digital technology and material advances in the dental laboratory field have changed the game.  This conference assembles partners and world-renowned speakers, who each bring a unique perspective and will share their philosophies and real world tools and techniques to help archive success. The SCDL Hands-On Expo's key feature, offers many opportunities to learn and experience first-hand the many products and services available. 

Eleven of Georgia Dental's finest were on had to participate and absorb everything the conference had to offer, bringing their experience back to team members at the lab.  

March 21-23, 2013

Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting
Sponsored by:  The Hinman Dental Society of Atlanta

Thomas P. Hinman held the first clinic in 1911, considered to be the first clinic strictly for serious-minded educational purposes. Dr. Hinman believed strongly in the individual's contribution to dentistry.  The meeting developed a reputation for devotion to detail and hospitality that continued to grow through the years with every meeting. These qualities are represented in the motto: Devotion to Detail is the Secret of Success.

Twenty-three Georgia Dental team members attended this year's meeting, covering a range of topics from administrative to hands-on surgical procedures.  In addition to course study our staff also visited the exhibit hall to view and discuss a variety of presentations on existing and future growth in our industry.  Upon conclusion of the three day conference we held a group discussion of the information the attendees aquired in order to share with our lab family.

February 22-23, 2013

2013 Midwinter Meeting - Lab Day
Sponsored by:  Chicago Dental Society

This year was the 148th Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. The world class dental meeting features three days of the best in lectures, demonstrations and participation courses coinciding with three days of the latest commercial exhibits. 

Georgia Dental was well represented again this year, with seven of our leadership team and technical staff members attending.  The knowledge absorbed from these courses and exhibits were brought back to the lab and shared with those not attending this year.

Solutions For Immediate Full Arch Restoration with Hands-On
Presented by:  Paulino Castellon, DDS
Sponsored by:  Biomet 3i

Patients with debilitated dentition often seek rehabilitation to quickly regain their confidence and quality of life.  Clinicians can offer a treatment solution for immediate full arch restoration to meet patient demands and expectations.  This program combines a didactic and hands-on segment to show participants a step-by-step, practical approach to deliver a provisional prosthesis on the day of the implant placement.  The course will also focus on the steps necessary to create and deliver the definitive prosthesis.  The hands-on portion of the course provides the clinician with the experience to perform the procedure on the patient and have a clear understanding of the steps needed to achieve an immediate and functional full arch provisional restoration.  Participants of the hands-on activity will retain the model (valued at approximately $600).


  • Identify patients who are candidates for immediate full arch restoration therapy
  • Understand the preoperative steps necessary to plan for fabrication of an immediate full arch provisional restoration utilizing the DIEM® 2 Guidelines
  • Properly plan for a productive and cost-effective use of their time by reducing the number of appointments
  • Understand the step-by-step process to render a patient edentulous on the day of the procedure to deliver an


October 25th, 2012
Giving the Touch of Life to Your Ceramics Presented by:  Brad Jones, FAACD Sponsored by:  Ivoclar
Description: This lecture will be a complete package for success using cutting edge step-by-step techniques and procedures that will help your practice and laboratory meet today's patient's satisfaction. Because of the internet, popular "make-over" programs, and the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery and dentistry, today's patient has become increasingly savvy, and their expectation level has risen.  This lecture will equip you with the tools you'll need for communication between the doctor, ceramist, and patient to exceed these high expectations. Objectives:

  • Cutting edge step-by-step techniques including prep design, occlusal considerations, bite registration, impression taking, and fabrication of provisionals
  • Satisfying today's patients through doctor, technician, and patient communcation
  • Understanding today's patient's needs and expectations
  • Achieving natural results while still satisfying the patient
  • Going beyond the elementary rules of smile design to create a realistic result that is unique to the individual patient, i.e., non-cookie-cutter

October 18th-20th, 2012 The Turbyfill Denture Technique- The beginning or the end Presented by:  Dr. Jack Turbyfill Assisted by:  Dr. Forest Butler and Mr. Ernest Caragol, CDT Sponsored by:  Nobel Biocare Description:
To restore an edentulous patient with dental implants (guided or otherwise) one must begin with a satisfactory denture with good occlusion. This course is the first step in that process.  A treatment denture will be constructed for a patient on the first day of the seminar.  On the second day the patient will be taken to lunch with their training dentures.  Finalization procedures will be done on the third day which leads to the final denture.  When not working with the patient there will be lectures on all aspects of removable prosthodontics.

  • Maxillary anterior tooth positioning chairside
  • Use of speaking wax to determine closest speaking position, manibular anterior tooth position and vertical dimension
  • The use of central bearing points to record centric relation bite registration
  • Lingualized denture occlusion
  • The use of mandibular bite block as a superior repositioning splint to refine cenetic relation position
  • Placement of the treatment trial denture
  • How to produce patient generated functional impressions as they function
  • How to do remounts
  • How to read the functional impression material and make adjustments
  • How to build a mandibular free end saddle partial denture that is comfortable, functional and esthetic
  • The functional impression for the free end saddle partial
  • Combination cases involving maxillary dentures and mandibular natural teeth
  • Why a denture occlusion is so important in combination cases
  • How to provide the patient with stable occlusion with the use of porcelain denture teeth and custom gold occlusal surfaces
  • Implant supported over dentures and why the treatment denture is so important in treatment planning
  • The use of the treatment denture as the radiographic guide for CT scans and implant planning